Medical Insurance Credentialing/Contracting

Your benefits:
PMA has the experience, knowledge and resources to successfully handle this time-consuming process — enabling your staff to concentrate on your practice and your patients.
PMA’s goals are to ensure that:

  • Each physician is properly credentialed with insurance carriers.
  • The practice receives the best possible reimbursement rate.

What we do:
We utilize our personal contacts and other resources at insurance carriers, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that each physician’s confidential information is always current, by:

  • Submitting completed credentialing and re-credentialing applications in a timely manner, making sure that they are received and completed by all insurance carriers.
  • Assisting your office staff and patients with any inquiries regarding insurance participation status.
  • Completing applications for hospital privileges, NPI numbers and CAQH credentialing.
  • Reviewing and applying any and all changes that affect claim processing or payments.