EMR/EHR Integration

Your benefits:
PMA can easily link to any EMR system in order to pull patient data, progress notes and operative reports — making your job of communicating the services you perform even easier.

What we do:
PMA will review the documentation and if we feel you missed a billable charge, we will question it.  How do we do this?  When we become partners, a senior manager skilled in the clinical aspect of the office will work with each individual physician.  We want to know how you practice, re-train your thought process on code selection and help you capture every legal charge associated with the services you provide.

With government mandates and incentives to purchase, the use of an EMR/EHR is imperative for most practices.  It will help with documentation guidance and assist you in providing ultimate care to your patients by allowing access to their medical records at the touch of a button.

What EMRs don’t provide is the thought process involved in capturing all legal billable codes, updates to ever-changing regulations or accounts receivable follow up — which ensure correct, accurate and timely payment.