Your benefits:
PMA has an excellent track record of winning appeals at the carrier level. By reading and coding each procedure, we are in a position to fight for the reimbursement for your services. Our interactions with your physicians educate them about the coding process.

PMA’s goal is to capture all billable services performed by your physicians.

What we do:
Our coding team reads each and every operative report and hospital consultation to capture all of the billable, reimbursable services performed by your practice. We assist your physicians and office staff with questions regarding appropriate code choices and documentation for pre-authorization purposes. To make sure that your coding is consistent and accurate, we also help you develop or update superbills for complete charge capture.

Certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), PMA continually updates our resources, and our coders attend courses to keep their certifications current and to stay up to date with regulatory changes.