Accounts Receivable

Your benefits:
PMA increases your cash flow and ensures that all carriers are processing and paying claims in a timely manner. We guarantee that we will collect 100% of reimbursable insurance dollars.

PMA’s goals are to:
Manage your accounts receivable efficiently and effectively.
Recover payment on any claims or portion of claims that are not processed in a
timely fashion.

What we do:
We provide an accurate snapshot of your practice at any point in time, with the following reports:

  • Cash status
  • Status of financial questions
  • Data by date of service (aging)
  • Daily production for each week
  • Cumulative true fiscal reporting on all practice activity each month
  • Production and performance trends
  • Statistical data summaries by site, provider and procedure
  • Customized reports as requested

Along with daily review of your accounts receivable, we also provide an intensive review of your aged accounts receivable report monthly — making a phone call or Internet inquiry on each claim — and take appropriate action, such as:

  • Resubmitting claims, by any means necessary, to the appropriate adjuster or department.
  • Gathering correct insurance or demographic information, if not presented at the time of service.
  • Appealing claims on all levels — verbal, written, medical director, fair hearings, etc.
  • Filing a fee review if a worker’s compensation claim is not paid according to U.S. Department of Labor and Industry guidelines.
  • Tracking the process or each claim weekly until you receive payment.